Optimization of testing conditions

Service Description

Optimization of testing conditions

Perspecta Ltd. performs software testing through automation for your business needs and/or as a service to software companies that do not have such a department.

What are Software Quality Assurance (SQA) & Test Automation?

Software Quality Assurance & Test Automation is a service related to developing and maintaining software applications.

Software tools are used to test a newly developed software product. Both new software applications and related modifications and updates are subject to this type of review.

Compared to manual software testing, automatic testing (Test Automation) is performed without the involvement of a QA specialist. Thanks to testing, potential errors in their coding (bugs, crashes, etc.) are identified.

All of these can affect the functionality, subsequent use, and performance of software applications.

What are the functions of software testing and why are they so important?

The software test automation tools implemented by Perspecta Ltd. have the following main features:

  • Implementation and execution of software performance tests.
  • Analysis of the results of the tests performed.
  • Comparison of the obtained data with the expected results.
  • Prepare development software performance report.

Automated tests help to quickly detect faults in software coding, hence faster deployment.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and test automation are essential for:

  • Ensuring a high-quality software product - ensures that the software meets the requirements, is reliable, and works optimally.
  • Automated tests provide greater cost-effectiveness as they reduce the time and associated costs of testing the same criteria.
  • Improve efficiency - helps identify bugs and/or defective code by flagging them for timely remediation.

Why trust Perspecta Ltd. for this service?

Perspecta Ltd. is a software company with many years of experience in the field of programming and offering various services, including optimization of the conditions for testing.

We work with a team of young and ambitious specialists in the field of IT. We can handle the implementation of the software products your business needs, as well as take care of their testing and subsequent support.

A number of large-scale projects stand out in Perspecta Ltd's portfolio, confirming us as a trusted business partner. We pay particular attention to every single detail, whether it's software development or software application testing.


3 Sluntse str., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


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