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Perspecta Ltd. develops and implements systems for managing and planning your resources, according to the needs of your business organization.

What is resource planning software?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is an integrated system used to manage the various functional areas of an enterprise.

ERP software integrates different applications and modules into a single platform. Thus, it offers an effective tool for centralized management of the various resources of the business.

This can include financial resources, material resources, management of production processes, logistics activities, etc.

The functions of the ERP systems developed by Perspecta can be customized and adjusted according to the needs of your organization. In this line of thought, among the main modules of ERP software are:

  • Financial management module.
  • Production process management module.
  • Logistics process management module.
  • Human resource management module.
  • Sales, marketing, and advertising management module.

Why should your business benefit from a resource planning system?

ERP systems are widely used software solutions these days, by both small and large organizations. The reasons why it is worth investing are  the many advantages of resource planning systems :

  • Multiple functions in one application  - in this way, several departments in your company can work in sync through the services of a single platform with all your necessary modules integrated into it.
  • Improved business efficiency  - you manage multiple aspects of your business (financial resources, inventory, etc.) more effectively, which allows you to reduce your costs and increase your profits, carrying out constant monitoring and control of your resources.
  • Minimize the risk of errors  - using a single database leads to increased data accuracy and hence fewer errors.

Why use Perspecta Ltd's resource planning software development service?

Perspecta is a company for provides software services and develops various applications according to the needs of every modern business.

We apply an individual approach in the development of ERP systems and other software products. Our team is made up of close specialists in many different areas of the development and maintenance of software and systems.

At  Perspecta Ltd., we do not compromise on the quality of our services. Teamwork is our greatest strength, and the pursuit of constant improvement and development is our priority.


3 Sluntse str., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


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