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Server Optimization

Reduce Server Costs.
Improve App Performance.

HR Planner

Manage employee leave and home office requests, days off, and more.

Tracking & Analytics

Manage your web traffic, affiliates, advertisers, leads, budgets, and more all under one roof.

Online Appointment Scheduling Solution

A custom scheduling solution for small business owners.


Enterprise Resource Planning


Content Management System

Video Hosting For Business

Manage and share your videos with your audience.

Automated Testing

Optimizing testing efforts within your organization.

Your Custom Solution...

Let's discuss your needs.

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About Us

We believe in teamwork.

Teamwork has been and continues to be the key to success in most areas of life and business. We do respect different point of views and opinions as these often lead to synergistic results and overcoming of difficult obstacles.

We believe in continuous improvement

We improve our skills, our products and services, and our processes. This is the only way we can stay competitive in the business world.

We believe in quality.

Here is how we understand quality – meeting the requirements of our customers. Our customers are the reason we are in business, therefore we strive to meet their requirements and advise them on important matters that fall within our areas of expertise.


3 Sluntse str., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


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