Server optimization

Service Description

Server optimization

We maintain and optimize server resources at a highly professional level to ensure the optimal performance of your business.

What is a Server Optimization Service?

Full optimization is the process of maintaining, upgrading, and improving the servers used by your business to ensure they are operating at optimum performance

The service includes:

  • Server administration (technical support) - updating of software, operating systems, databases, and others, on which their correct operation depends.

  • Creating a backup and recovery strategy - a service tailored to the client's requirements, goals, and deadlines. At Perspecta Ltd., we have implemented various projects in the field, including database backup and replication, MS SQL backup, virtual machines, Cloud backup, server configurations.

  • Assistance in the event of a breakdown in the systems - implementation of technical assistance to restore the infrastructure, software systems, and related data.
  • 24/7 monitoring of server systems and applications - round-the-clock monitoring of system indicators and response to locating bugs, crashes, and others that may affect performance.

  • Implementing and configuring software provided by third parties that are necessary for your organization's operational processes.

Why does your business need server optimization?

Every modern business, whose work is connected in one way or another with the use of server and software systems, needs regular optimization of its systems.

Server optimization depends on:

  • Ensuring their optimal functioning and improving productivity - error-free work, speed and security of processes, reducing the load on servers to minimize the risk of crashes and other technical problems.

  • Using the full capacity of the software.

  • Cost optimization - by checking all the components of the servers and software used, their resources, and evaluating their usability, we can significantly reduce the costs of your business in this aspect.

Why Server Optimization by Perspecta Ltd.?

At Perspecta Ltd. we can offer you practical and functional server optimization solutions at affordable prices.

With our services, the operational processes of your business will develop easily and efficiently. We will offer you solutions tailored to your needs and goals.

Our team is made up of qualified experts in the field. Given our experience, at Perspecta Ltd. we will provide a complete server optimization service to reduce your costs and improve your performance.

Your goals are our motivation to build and maintain technologies that will serve you in the long term.


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