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Perspecta Ltd. develops custom software solutions for your business needs. Together we will draw up the terms of reference, program a new software product, and take care of its subsequent support.

Creation of custom software from Perspecta Ltd. - step by step and according to your individual demand

The implementation of software for an individual project by Perspecta Ltd. is carried out in the following basic steps:

  • Analysis and planning - at this stage, the business provides us with information about the problems it wants to solve, its goals, and strategies in relation to its activity. This information is of key importance for the Perspecta Ltd. specialists, as it depends on the development and implementation of the future software product.
  • Design - we apply creative approaches and techniques to realize the goals you set. We are also guided by the sought-after solutions when creating the new software product. In order to achieve satisfactory results, the whole process is coordinated with the client.
  • Creation of the software product - here we already have a ready-made demo version of the software, which is subject to testing, modifications, and more, to remove all functional imperfections.

  • Implementation of systems, modules, applications, and others - here again, we comply with the demands of the business client. Any modules and integrations the business needs to run efficiently are added to the newly developed application.
  • Maintenance of developed software  - software products, regardless of their size and specifics, need subsequent maintenance. The Perspecta Ltd. team remains on hand to assist you with all software-related issues and to provide performance monitoring.

Perspecta Ltd. - a trusted partner in the implementation of custom software for your individual business needs

Perspecta Ltd. is a company with many years of experience in the development, integration, and support of software solutions for business needs.

In our work, we are always guided by offering high quality at the best price.

Your goals are our main priorities in our work - to save time, and money and make your work much more efficient with the development of intuitive and functional software.

Perspecta Ltd. is a trusted business partner of numerous organizations of various scales in our country. They chose our services and today they are developing successfully in their fields.

Looking for affordable solutions for your business? Do you want them to be realized in a short time and with high quality? Become our customer now!


3 Sluntse str., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


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