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Efficiently manage your clients' booking schedule with a functional appointment booking platform developed by Perspecta Ltd.

What is an appointment booking platform?

An appointment booking platform is an online system through which customers of a certain type of business can book an appointment to use your services.

Different types of businesses can benefit from this type of booking software, such as:

  • Medical and/or dental centers.
  • Hair salon.
  • Beauty studios.
  • Massage studios.
  • Auto repair shops.
  • Legal, accounting, and/or notary services.
  • All kinds of consulting services and others.

In addition to building a functioning timekeeping platform,  Perspecta Ltd's service also includes building a mini SEO website into which the developed timekeeping module can be integrated.

If you already have a site and would like to integrate such a module into it, we will assist you.

Why should your business benefit from an appointment booking platform?

By building a booking platform, you get many benefits. Developing and integrating this type of platform for your business has two-fold benefits:

  • Your customers can make an appointment to use your services quickly and easily online - they can see the available hours and make their choices based on availability.
  • Your business benefits from functional and intuitive software to manage your bookings efficiently and conveniently.
  • Your business will save additional costs in managing customer inquiries over the phone related to bookings.
  • The timekeeping module is optimized for mobile or desktop devices, making it easy and convenient to use, regardless of the user's platform.

Why Perspecta Ltd's Timekeeping Platform?

At Perspecta Ltd., we work to create functional and intuitive software solutions. With them, we guarantee the efficient operation of your business and the convenience and comfort of the customers who use your services.

Our joint work is based on an understanding of your requirements and/or needs to move in the direction of your effective business development. We work with a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of software development.

We have many implemented projects for the construction and integration of reservation modules, as well as several other software solutions. They can be refined and/or modified to meet any business organization's needs today.


3 Sluntse str., Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


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