Vidit is a private video hosting web application.

Technologies used:
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular Material, Amazon AWS

It allows users to upload videos and embed them on the web using either iframe or the javascript API. The videos can be grouped by projects. Each video can have multiple embed codes if multiple locations of the video must be tracked separately.

Viewer’s actions are being tracked and recorded in real time, which gives each video stats for views, play duration and raw information about the user (browser, user agent, country…). Being fully responsive and mobile friendly, Vidit provides a great viewer and user experience with its material design.

Each video supports multiple thumbnails and default options - show/hide controls, loop, autoplay and turn on/off tracking. All videos are rendered in various formats and qualities in order to optimize the bandwidth to the application. The quality is automatically loaded based on the user device, resolution and connection speed.

The application is designed to withstand a high server load. All videos are being served from Amazon S3 bucket which also caches the videos across various servers over the world. This also minimizes the video initial load time and optimizes further the bandwidth cost.