Polar ERP

Polar ERP is a web-based enterprise resource planning solution, written in C#.

Technologies used:
MSSQL, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Kendo UI

It was specifically built to suit the needs of a dairy manufacturing company Lactima EAD. The application has various reports and dashboards, needed by the management for successfully completing the production and delivery processes.

There is a so called “work program” which is used by the chief technologist for planning production per day (up to a few weeks ahead of time) and calculating cost and raw materials for filling client orders.

As part of the administration, we developed an extensive role based authorization model, which allows the managers to control the user’s permissions in a very fast and clean way. The model is generic, which means that any role can be created at any time with the desired set of permissions, required by the users that will be occupying the job position related to the role.

Since the goal with designing the ERP system was to allow complete control and management of all departments of the company, we also developed the creation of various documents for money transfers, raw materials and finished products transfer between different clients, departments or storage units. All types of documents can be printed out or exported.

Another important aspect of the business model is the logistics. The software solution supports management of different geographic regions, vehicles, drivers and routes, which guarantees successfully making deliveries to clients.