The Link Solution

A Performance Marketing Platform for Serious Marketers. Setup your own affiliates network whitelabel solutions. Manage your traffic, affiliates, advertisers, leads, budgets and more all under one roof.

Използвани технологии:
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular Material, Amazon AWS, Nagios, Nginx, Redis, Kibana, Virtualizor


Traffic Source Management

Control and optimize your traffic sources from Media, Affiliates, SEO and others

Affiliate Network White Label

Manage your Affiliates in one place with our advanced Affiliate White Label solution

Rules-Based Traffic Flow Control

Control where your traffic goes based on a predefined set of rules all with one link

Dynamic Split Testing

Split test, track and optimize your traffic performance for different landing pages or offers

Real time tracking

Every click is tracked and reported accurately in real-time

Advertisers Management

Manage your advertisers, set priorities and decide which ones will get what according to geos, capacity, balances, restrictions and/or qualifications, etc.

Lead Distribution Management

Make sure that all leads count by sending them to the most profitable channels based on source, geo or other business decisions

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

Follow or generate specific and dynamic reports to analyze users’ engagements, effectiveness and optimization

Advertisers Balancing System

Receive prepayment from advertisers, grant credit and manage your payment in the easiest way

Unified API

Complete API System to send leads directly to advertisers with full management per source including scheduling, capping, restrictions, etc

LINK’s Advertisers Deals Marketplace

Explore the LINK’s marketplace for deals from various advertisers and easily add them to your network

Extensive In-House Marketing Tools

With our vast marketing experience, we have created an In-House solution for Popups, Event Driven Action, Dynamic Pixels, Postbacks, and many more.

Landing Pages & Funnel Support

Set up multiple landing pages and offer split-tests. Track unlimited pages in a funnel using Branches. Attribute upsell conversions to the correct offer. Swap offers without editing landing page codes.

Grabbing Customer Attention

Easily add new channels to enrich communication with users. Connect your CRM, software, website or application to our messaging system

Dynamic FB/Google Ads Pixels

With one installation of LINK’S Click Tracking Pixel Widget on your landing page, you will have the option to add or remove pixels from your traffic sources

Omni Messaging Solutions

A state-of-the-art, Multi-Channel Rule-Based Autoresponder. Use our In-House solutions - Messenger, SMS, emails, push notification and easily integrate with many known third party providers.

Upsell Management Solutions

Generate more value from your existing clients by providing them with various licensing options

Full billing system

With our in-house billing system, you can track payments from your advertisers, keep up with your balances, threshold etc. and with issuing invoices

Compliance KYC

The LINK Solution enables our clients to fulfill their KYC obligations with a fast and easy interface to upload, approve or decline their identity documents.

In-House Support System

With our in-house messaging/support system you can convert more leads into paying clients, with auto and manual responses. Increase user engagement and enrich customer satisfaction.

Multi-User Access

With the LINK permission system, you can separate access, logins etc. for your employees, affiliates or partners to make things safer and simpler.

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting & analytic system will allow you to track any click event in your marketing flow and enable you to optimize and finetune it, to boost your ROI